Police calls for collective efforts in ending attacks on persons with albinism

The Malawi Police Service has urged Malawians to work collectively in dealing with killings and abductions of people with albinism.

Acting commissioner of police for central region Evalista Mvula Chisale made the remarks in Ntcheu where he told community policing forums to increase the security to people with albinism.

Persons with albinism Malawi

Speaking with Malawi24, Chisale said the police want to work with responsible citizens to protect people born with albinism.

Chisale however expressed concern over reports that a suspect person is still mongering around in the community of Chigodi.

“Police arrested the suspect that committed offense and was taken before court of law and was at Maula prison, but we are also surprised why he is out because our role is to investigate and take suspects to court,” Chisale said.

During the event, Chisale donated protective sunscream to person with albinism.

From June 2017 up-to-date about eleven people with albinism have died due to problem of cancer hence it is indicated that it is a must for persons with albinism to put on protective clothes from time to time to avoid direct from sun.

Chairman for people with albinism in Ntcheu district Precious Kapenuka said people of Chigodi in collaboration with chiefs and councilor should identify a place where a police unit could be situated to strengthen security.

Kapenuka also expressed worry over myths that are fuelling attacks on persons with albinism.