DPP cadets reject cheap propaganda on the killings of people with albinism

The DPP’s Blue League is dismayed at the fake news circulating on social media titled DPP cadets kill albino suspects in Police custody.

We are not going to give credence to the fake news article by engaging in its content, however, we would like to bring to the attention of Malawians some of the key developments on the issue of the killings of people with Albinism.

With the campaign season approaching, the opposition parties, specifically the MCP and UTM seem to be hell-bent on using the plight and the deaths of people with albinism as a campaign tool for votes.

In January, Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence were sponsored to write to the UN on the issue. A few days later, opposition leader came out claiming that he can only “solve” the issue of albino killings if he is voted into office. But he is the same leader who sat in Parliament when the solutions around the matter was being discussed.

As part of the ongoing campaign, the opposition has taken smear and gutter politics of propaganda to the next level. This is seen in the fake article circulating above, and the inhumane parading of albinos like some object at political rallies. Further attempts are being made to undermine the government efforts at resolving the matter, which is a national issue.

Malawi Electoral Commission and our great President, His Excellency, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika have called on all political parties to engage in clear policy-based campaigning towards elections. Using the Albino Killings issue as a campaign tool is not only morally wrong but evil. It flies in the face of the real plight that people with albinism suffer in Malawi, and the whole region.

As Malawians, we need to put our hands together to resolve the challenges facing the nation. Using cheap propaganda for political point scoring is not going to help us resolve our national challenges. Cheap politicking exacerbates the problem by letting perpetrators run around freely whilst the nation is being defocused into debating the wrong things.

Our plea and call to the opposition and their propagandists is that they must stop treating people with albinism like their political football. Freedom comes with responsibility – as a nation, it is our responsibility to know when to draw the line when it comes to the moral question.

We would like to thank the government for ramping up the efforts and committing all the security resources available to resolving this particular challenge. Let us all rally behind the call of President Mutharika to “Taking Malawi Forward”.

*Views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the editorial position of Malawi24.


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  1. Are you also denying that Buleya, the dead albino abductor was a DPP cadet? What about the photos circulating on social media where he is seen with other cadets in DPP regalia, are they fake pictures? If indeed he was a DPP cadet would it be wrong to assume who sent Buleya to abduct the albino boy? Kindly enlighten me.

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