Aspirant promises to open Parliamentary office in Neno North

Independent aspiring Member of Parliament for Neno North Odreck Kathamalo has promised that he will open an office of the Member of Parliament for Neno North constituency.

Kathamalo who resigned as programs Officer for National Elections System Trust (NEST) to pursue parliamentary seat for Neno North made the promise on Wednesday during a meeting with business community in the district.

Kathamalo said the office will have its own address, its own phone numbers and five important officers who will be working in that office on daily basis that’s bringing ideology of having a leader that is more connected to people as a servant.

He said the five officers will include the person assistant to Member of Parliament, director of political affairs, officer responsible for monitoring the process of development, officer responsible for welfare and the Care taker.

According to Kathamalo, the personal assistant to the Member of Parliament he/she will be responsible for responding to questions raised in the absence of the MP and communicating directly to MP for response while director of political affairs will be responsible in organizing periodic meetings where MP will collaborate with leaders of other parties because Malawi is in multiparty dispensation.

“Because of this establishment, we want the member of parliament to frequently interface with the people and consult with the stakeholders on issue of parliamentary importance, and we will establish what we call a parliamentary consultative committee comprised of two traditional leaders in the area that’s T/A Dambe and T/A Chekucheku and their group village heads and representatives of  faith groups, business community, civil society network, civil servants, women, youth, disabled and elderly,” he added.

He said the main objectives of parliamentary consultative committee is to make sure the MP will be able collect information from all sectors of all social settings and the committee will be responsible for receiving information from their MP and deliver it to their subjects.

There are 11 candidates competing for Neno North parliamentary seat and Kathamalo is likely to face a stiff competition from DPP’s youthful aspirant Thoko Tembo, incumbent MP for the area Emmanuel Lonzo who is standing on independent ticket and Joyce Kachale of UTM.