Blantyre City Council bans green maize business

Green Maize Malawi

The Blantyre City Council (BCC) has banned the selling of green maize in all markets in the city.

This is according to the city’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Alfred Chanza, who in a statement said that the fresh, cooked or roasted maize should not be seen in all markets with immediate effect.

Green Maize Malawi
Green maize sale banned.
(Photo credit REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo)

Chanza said anyone who will be found selling green maize in the city, will be arrested and be brought to court.

“Blantyre City Council wishes to inform all members of the general public especially those that sell green maize that the sale of green maize whether, fresh, cooked or roasted is banned with immediate effect.

“The council is appealing to all the green maize vendors to strictly observe this ban. Anyone found selling green maize will be prosecuted,” said Chanza in a statement.

Every year when green maize is commonly found, the council bans the selling of it with the aim of reducing theft of green maize in maize fields in the city.