UTM, PP members defect to UDF


About 46 UTM Party, PP and DPP members from Karonga North-West constituency have defected to United Democratic Front (UDF) to support the Muluzi-Mwenifumbo presidential bid in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Making the announcement Sunday evening at Safali Annex Lodge, an executive member of UTM party, Peter Manda said they decided to support Atupele Muluzi’s UDF as he is the only leader who has demonstrated political maturity by roping in Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo as his running mate.

Aford’s Msowoya-Unity of purpose

Manda further said the appointment of Mwenifumbo as Atupele’s running has shown that UDF does recognize the role the Northern Region can play in the country’s political scene let alone the May 21 general elections.

“We have reached this decision after thoughtfully looking into the gamble and sacrifice that Muluzi has made. We want to add value to that by garnering massive support to UDF and its leadership so that come May 21 Muluzi goes to State House,” Manda said.

Another shocking defection to UDF was that of deputy Peoples Party (PP) Samson Mwamsamale who said the idea to dump PP for UDF is based on the fact that Muluzi has appointed Mwenifumbo who is a true son of the Northern Region, saying the pair is a good regional combination for the modern politics.

Speaking on behalf of UDF, the party’s national executive committee (NEC) member Elizabeth Zimba welcomed the defectors to UDF and  hailed them for the wise decision made, saying it is timely and will boost the party’s ambitious bid of going back to plot number one.

“As a party we are glad that we have welcomed these members from two big parties on the land. These people will add political value to the UDF family and we will make sure that we consolidate their experience and utilize it to the best of our knowledge,” Zimba said.

Taking the floor on behalf of AFORD, the party’s chairperson of elections and campaign committee, Dan Msowoya said his party and UDF will work extra hard to make sure that they woo support from the grassroots and preach peace for the sake of Malawians.

“It is quite pleasing to note that the AFORD-UDF partnership is now catching many a people’s eyes. We are glad because what Muluzi has shown the nation his political maturity and that in UDF there is no politics of tribalism and nepotism.

“The combination of north-south presidential bid has brought in one unity factor that has been lacking for a long time, therefore, we will engage an extra gear to make sure that we win the forth coming general elections,” Msowoya said.








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