Mizikiti Ichoke singer’s jail sentence sparks debate

Malawians are trading arguments in the aftermath of the conviction of musician Alfred Chipwaila alias Mesho for releasing the controversial Mizikiti Ichoke song.

Mesho was convicted by First grade magistrate Asunta Muwalo in Blantyre earlier this week. The singer was among others given a 2 year sentence for uttering words with intent to wound religious feelings.

The magistrate’s ruling has divided Malawians as some believe it is too harsh while others support it. The debate rages on five days after Mesho was slapped with the 2 year sentence.

Chikondi Baison commented on the story on Facebook saying: “This is too harsh a judgement for such a petty issue, in my understanding the singer got in hot soup due to public influence.”

Another partaker in the debate Mangochi Kabwafu believes this is selective justice.

Hilda Mwamaso tweeted: “This is not a court matter but a censorship board’s matter. The best form of judgement could be banning the song and fining the artist.”

On the contrary, local Muslims expressed satisfaction with the judgement because the song is a mockery to their religion.

Mussa Mwamadi commented following Muwalo’s ruling: “You can’t mock someone’s religion and go scot free, let him pay for his loose mouth.”

Amina Chapepa concurred with Mussa, arguing Mesho dressed Muslims down thus he has to pay heavily.

Mesho was convicted along Emmanuel Stephani who produced the song. However, Stephano was sentenced to a year in prison.