EGENCO dresses Livilivi River

The Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) has planted 2000 trees along Balaka’s Livilivi river bank.

The tree planting exercise which was graced by minister of Environment, Energy and Mining, Aggrey Massi was held on Friday, in the district and was attended by hundreds of people from around the area.

Speaking with reporters after the exercise, Massi said government through his ministry is committed to planting more trees countrywide as one way of combating the effects of deforestation.

The minister said it is therefore vital to be planting trees and he urged people to join hands on planting trees along rivers which are tributaries to Shire for improved electricity generation.

He further said people should never allow grounds along river banks to be left bare claiming this enhances siltation of rivers which has contributed to climate change and in turn has negatively affected the country’s electricity generation.

“Today we have met here to dress this Livilivi River which is one of the very important rivers as it is a tributary to Shire River where the country’s electricity comes from so EGENCO thought it wise to plant trees.

“There are 2000 trees to be planted here and we are so happy for what EGENCO has done here and it’s my humble request that other organizations should emulate the good example illustrated by EGENCO,” said Massi.

He further added that government will keep on following tree planting exercises and will implement other programs to empower communities to plant more trees.

EGENCO Chief Executive Officer Williams Liabunya said people should join hands on planting trees in order to get electricity all the time.

Liabunya further said they want to bring back degraded environment and are planning to plant more trees in all Shire River’s catchment areas.