Airtel boosts Chikwawa network


Amid efforts to improve its services, Airtel Malawi Limited has boosted its network in Chikwawa district.

This follows the commissioning of Airtel’s 3G network tower on Wednesday at Alumenda trading centre in the district.

Magombo: We are impressed

Speaking to reporters after the commissioning ceremony, the institution’s Marketing Manager Frank Magombo assured their customers in the district of improved network availability.

Magombo said people in the district have been complaining of poor network hence the planting of a new Airtel tower to make network available at all costs.

The Marketing Manager further said the tower which has been planted in the area of group village headman Simon, Traditional Authority Ngabu, is to cover a distance of 15-25 kilometers in both sides.

“Today is an exciting day for us at Airtel as we are enjoying this journey of extending our coverage to the remote areas in Malawi to ensure that many Malawians are enjoying using our smartphone network.

“For us the most basic thing is to make sure that people are connecting and we are happy that Chikwawa people will now be able to communicate without other challenges with the coming in of this 3G network tower,” said Magombo.

Reacting to the commissioning of the tower in his area, Group Village headman Simon said they are delighted to have the tower planted in his area.

The village headman who thanked Airtel for the development further said the tower has really improved network availability in areas surrounding it.

He added that before the coming in of the facility, people in his area and the surrounding were facing network hiccups to the extent of climbing trees to get network.


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  1. Airtel, how come we are having challenges accessing network on our phones this whole week. BT, Zomba, Lilongwe,………please tell your customers the truth.

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