Katsonga threatens to drag Chilumpha to court over TPM


Vice president for Tikonze People’s Movement (TPM), Mark Katsonga Phiri, has said he will seek legal action after TPM leader Dr. Cassim Chilumpha chose another person as runningmate.

Katsonga was speaking in an interview with Neno based MEC Stringer on Thursday afternoon after presenting his nomination papers to contest as Member of Parliament for Neno South on TPM ticket.

Katsonga on his arrival to present his papers

According to Katsonga, the TPM constitution dictates that president and his runningmate are supposed to be voted by NEC which is contrary to what Dr. Chilumpha has done because the party’s NEC voted Chilumpha to be president and Katsonga as his runningmate.

“Dr. Chilumpha’s action has shown that he cannot be trusted by Malawians. How will Malawians trust someone who is violating constitution of his own party. I don’t think that person can protect the Malawi constitution if he is failing to protect the constitution he facilitated,” said Katsonga.

Katsonga said the main reason his party went into coalition with other political parties is the lack of unity among politicians a thing which he says is dividing the country and making Malawi a breaking nation.

He said there is nothing which Malawi desperately need than unity because people in the country are living in a divided society and if this continues Malawians should forget about development.

“We cannot cheat ourselves that we can unite the country as politicians when we ourselves we are not united that’s cheating Malawians,” he added.

When asked why people of Neno South should trust him with their votes, he said when he was a Member of Parliament for the area he initiated a number of projects that have not been implemented by his successors and his first job is to negotiate piped water at Zalewa and other areas to make sure that people in his area are supplied with water.

In Neno South Katsonga will face stiff competition from independent Barry Kasamba, incumbent Marry Maulidi Khembo, veteran broadcaster Patrick Kamkwatira who is standing on an independent ticket and former cabinet minister in UDF government Nicholas Kachingwe who is also contesting as an independent.a