Mzuzu blood donors angry over transport refund


Blood donors in Mzuzu have expressed anger over the decision by Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) to stop refunding them transport expenses.

In a letter signed by the concerned blood donors that has been addressed to top management of MBTS, the donors have faulted the authorities for stopping refunding them transport.

“We have been silent with the view that you will work on it as managers. We have found out that our silence and obedience have been misinterpreted as ignorance and stupidity,” reads part of the letter made available to Malawi24.

The donors have since urged the authorities to investigate if officers misappropriated funds for transport reimbursement.

Mzuzu blood donors have also threatened to stop donating blood if management fails to resolve the issue.

MBTS is mandated to collect blood from donors which is then supplied to hospitals in the country.

The organisations gets blood from Malawians of goodwill across Malawi and it usually refunds expenses donors used to get to the donation centre.