Mutharika has taught DPP inner circle a lesson


After following the fallout of Vice President Saulos Chilima and his boss President Peter Mutharika, I am tempted to say that the choice of Everton Chimulirenji as Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) runningmate is a deliberate and well thought decision.

Mutharika is the sole person who has decided on this and the entire National Electoral Commission of DPP did not know about it until this morning. Not that they did not hear the rumours going around that Mr Everton Chimulirenji will be APM’s runningmate but rather they could not stomach such a rumour.

Mutharika and Chimulirenji

This is a deliberate choice that APM has made with the sole purpose of punishing the inner circle of DPP (the current and the old that included Kaliati) which in the eyes of APM is a pool of very selfish individuals.

Mutharika knows that there was nothing wrong between him and Chilima but those around him decided to fool him for they wanted the Presidency after him.

Having realised this but too late, the choice of Mr Everton Chimulirenji has one main objective- to make sure that DPP doesn’t not win and is never even third in the May Elections.  Coming as 4th placed or beyond won’t make regrouping of DPP any easy as many will be frustrated. This attained APM will have managed to kill DPP the same one that His Brother formed.

Mutharika knows that he will just before the swearing in ceremony for the next President be on a plane to the USA and he cares not on how the same team that has been fooling him over the years will be feeling with the huge humiliation in the May 2019 Elections.

APM has again chosen a man from Ntcheu of all the places as a means of thanking the people of Ntcheu for the support they granted him. A kind of support that never complained when APM and Chilima were not seeing eye to eye.

This gesture could bear fruits somehow is Ntcheu people decide to say another thank you. The question will be looking at how APM and the boy from Ntcheu had partnered with Chilima, will Ntcheu people trust APM again? And secondly, what is more palatable, another Vice from NU or the actual President from NU?

The question then is why he just picked anybody from the Lhomwe belt. The answer is simple. He wants to please his wife and late mum who was from Ntcheu.

APM pretty well remembers that from the days of Bingu, the inner circle has always been dominated by Lhomwes who I guess are viewed as a people that never know how to say thank you but rather keep asking for more but for themselves. They are a people that forced APM onto the Presidency and all throughout they have been stabbing him in the back. In short, he has no trust in his own tribe and is too angry to see it succeed.

So, to APM the May 2019 Elections are not about getting a President for Malawi but rather teaching selfish individuals that gossiping and rumour mongering are bad virtues we all need to get rid of.



  1. Mwasowa zolembatu apa kkkk mukuona ngat dpp izaluza zisankho?mwadya mwala chani? Dpp will win again ndipo musazivute akuluakulu

  2. APM knows what is best for the Country not only for the Lhomwes. If APM had picked the running mate from lomwe belt you would have vomited alot. Let’s wait and see. To say APM is controlled by First Lady is also foolishness

  3. Mama mia this is the year and we are in for that
    counting down to 21 may

  4. Generally SKC zake ndizoyela akakhala Abusa anthu awo anadyelera kaye tinawayesapo ino ndi nthawi yoyesa achinyamata

  5. Trash. Zakupwetekani. Mumayesa asankha munthu oti mumudode. Pano mukusowa poyambira. Galu wankota sakandira pachabe. Mwala umene omanga nyumba adaukana ndi umene umakhala pangodya. Mukhumudwa pa 21 May. Zikomo.

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