MBC accused of favouritism in presentation of nomination parties

Joyce Banda

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has incited the ire of some Malawians for overlooking the presentation of nomination papers by opposition candidates.

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) started receiving nomination papers from presidential hopefuls on Monday, the 4th of February. The week-long process ends today with the incumbent Peter Mutharika being the last frontrunner to present his papers.

What has angered Malawians is the public broadcaster’s failure to cover opposition parties in the past four days. This is despite that Minister of Information and Communications Technology Henry Mussa challenged MBC to open up to opposition parties ahead of the 21st May Tripartite Elections.

“MBC is for all Malawians and they should be open to everyone. Some people say that MBC refuses to air content of opposition political parties, but I am challenging them that, if MBC refuses to cover you, come to me. Come to me and show me the content they refuse to air,” said Mussa.

Malawians who owe their allegiance to opposition political parties have been eager to follow proceedings at Comesa Hall via MBC in the past four days, only to be frustrated. Later today, the broadcaster will give full coverage to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party`s (DPP) presentation of nomination papers.

In a `campaign` dubbed “switch off MBC TV C” the anger has been vividly manifested by concerned parties.
“Please as loving Malawians you are asked to switch off MBC TV tomorrow Friday between 13:30 to 15:00 hours. It seems this will be the only time MBC TV will be beaming live the president giving his papers to MEC,” partially reads one of the comments from a partaker in the `campaign.`

Meanwhile, MBC which runs on tax payers` money is drumming up support for the ceremony, urging people to throng Comesa Hall to witness the occasion.



  1. Please take note: unlike other party presidents, APM is not only the president of the Mighty DPP, but also of Malawi. As such, he deserves more respect and coverage than the rest.

  2. No one can stop me from listening to MBC radio. No one can stop me from watching MBC TV. It’s my right and choice.

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