DPP will win the North – Sanga

After starting off on a rough tide in identifying a candidate to represent the Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Mzuzu City Constituency, the party’s pick  Kenneth Sanga  has assured its supporters that the ruling DPP  will grab the Mzuzu City Constituency and that President Mutharika is going nowhere but back to State House after the May 21 Tripartite Elections.

The DPP Northern Region Governor who presented his nomination papers to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) officials at Mzuzu City Council on Wednesday morning, accompanied by a large dancing parade of DPP supporters, also slapped on opponents saying that the DPP is a peaceful Party that will conduct peaceful, issue-based campaigns.

Nomination submitted: Sanga affirms his candidature for the Mzuzu City Constituency Seat

“We expect that we will take Mzuzu City Constituency. I would like to assure the people that Professor Peter Mutharika will win the Presidential vote and I will win as MP.

“As DPP we will conduct a peaceful campaign. The DPP is a violence-free Party, let me ask our opponents to be peaceful in our campaigns, let us practice issue-based political,” he said.

And   also in attendance to give testimony to Sanga’s candidature, DPP big-shot, Simon Vuwa Kaunda,   added that President Professor Peter Mutharika victory is certain to gain victory in the North due to President Mutharika’s tangible milestones in infrastructure developments in the Region.

“Professor Peter Mutharika will win come May 21, 2019 since the people are satisfied with the developments that Professor Peter Mutharika has implemented since being voted. He has constructed new tarmac roads in Mzuzu, the Mzuzu NkhataBay Road and other developments,” said Kaunda.

Constituency Returning Officer for Mzuzu City, Rabecca Chirwa said that the nomination process in Mzuzu City is progressing as planned with 37 received nominations and no incidences of violence.

“Everything is going on well. There are no major mistakes on the forms. So far 37 have submitted their nominations, we expect to have 60 people submitting nominations by the end of the Exercise,” said Chirwa.

On Wednesday afternoon, members of the former ruling People’s Party are expected to also submit their nomination forms to the Presiding officer at Mzuzu City Council.