Prophet Bushiri in trouble for hiring Barry Loux


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who has been selling anointing oil to his followers including appointments for prayers is in hot soup for hiring one of the most expensive criminal lawyers, Barry Roux, as a lead defense attorney.

Bushiri was arrested on Friday together with his wife for alleged fraud and money laundering and has acquired the services of top defence advocate Barry Roux whose daily fees is reportedly close to K3 million.

Hiring of Roux who gained fame when he defended murder convict Paralympian Oscar Pistorius in 2014 has landed the Malawian born televangelist in trouble with some people accusing him of being a fake prophet.

Barry Roux lands Bushiri in hot soup

Writing on Facebook, Gitta Phiri said: “Same lawyer that represented a murder will representing a prophet.

“When you cant do yourself a miracle to get bailedl”! Lets all agree that dude don’t perform any miracles full stop!”

“Life is: Prophet hires a prominent lawyer to defend him while his brainwashed people uses his water when in trouble” posted Raynolds Liabunya on social media.

Jozi News, one of the tabloids in South Africa accused Bushiri of disregarding his anointing oil in a story headlined Self Proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prefer Barry Roux Over His Anointing Oil.

South Africa’s renown advocate and whistleblower, Man’s Not Barry Roux who tweets at AdvBarryRoux alleged that Bushiri’s followers will foot the embattled prophet’s legal bills. 

“So, Barry Roux has displaced Annointed Oil?…Now it’s no longer ‘Jesus fights our battles, no stress’ but ‘Barry Roux will try his best to fight out battles’!.. conmen in times of difficulties and tribulations will jump onto fellow men for help. This how you can know them” another commented.

But Bushiri’s Communications Director, Ephraim Nyondo, said that Roux has always been a family attorney.

“There is no change in the usual legal team of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s as he goes for bail hearing tomorrow with South Africa’s top advocate Barry Roux, again, leading ECG leader’s defense team. Advocate Roux has always been Bushiri’s family lawyer” said Nyondo.

Bushiri and his wife are expected to appear in court this morning to file for bail.



  1. I will just give this fake pastor a maximum sentence freeze all his accounts after serving the sentence I will send them back to their country and then hand them sentence that prevents him from ever coming back to South Africa

  2. Jesus must punish that Shepard he’s busy using Jesus name to rob people.

  3. You are writing nosense.can a healer heal himself,why dont you write supportive stories to an accused black brother.

  4. This proves that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is indeed a true Prophet of God. When Jesus was hanging on the cross they said to Him, *You used to save others, save yourself* That’s why God blessed the Prophet, He knew exactly that times like this will come, jealous African Brothers and sisters will fight him. Do you guys go to a shop and pick up anything and vacate the shop without paying. You like free things you worldly people. You like to put your nose where you don’t belong. You want his money. Be a man enough and work more harder. What lessons are you teaching your kids, that they should mind other people’s business.

  5. If you talk about the anointing oil the Prophet offers to people. You are short lived and short sighted. How many Prophets run away from troubles once cornered by the Evil world, think of Elija he had to run away for his life. Let ALONE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST he had to be CRUSFIED much as he was God Himself.
    If you don’t know the Scriptures then don’t talk about it as you will expose yourself of ignorance of it.

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