‘Mizikiti Ichoke’ singer in hot soup: Police condemns malpractice


Malawi Police Service (MPs) have condemned musician Mesho’s song and have warned other musicians against making songs that have potential to spark violence among religious groups in the country

Mesho whose real name is Andson Alfred released a song titled “Mizikiti Ichoke” attacking Malawi Muslims.

Mesho: facing criminal charges

Police officers in Mulanje arrested Mesho at Mathambi trading centre on February 2, 2019. His Zomba based studio producer identified as Stephano Manuel was also netted the same day.  The musician and the producer will answer criminal charges.

In a statement, MPs spokesperson James Kadadzera said MPS will not entertain such disconcerting behavior to gain root in our peace loving country.

“We are also warning other musicians and producers with similar ill-minded intention to immediately desist from such tendencies before the long arm of the law catches up with them.

“The Malawi Police Service, therefore, wishes to assure all Malawians that it is committed to pursuing Mesho’s case to its logical conclusion. The Service will also ensure that human rights of all citizens are protected and respected in all circumstances,” Kadadzera said.

Mesho’s song encouraging the demolition of mosques and eating of pig did not go well with Malawi Muslims. The Muslim community through their body Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) reported the issue to Police that led to “Mesho’s” arrest few days ago in Mulanje.



  1. poor malawi police ngatimwasowa chochita osamakangangoswa nsabwe zazaza nchipewazo bwanji pali chifukwa chimangila munthu apapa zopusa eti anatchula dzina lamunthu ngati kapena ndinyimbo yoyamba kunyoza mpingo or boma…agalu anthu even mumumange simukwezeledwa malipiro kapena house allowance ,nyimbo zili po zosayamba ngati sukuikonda su maimvera fokofo

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