Mzuni Muslim students donate to primary school


Pupils from Chamalaza Primary School located in one of the remotest areas of Mzuzu wore smiling faces on Saturday when Mzuzu University Muslim Students Association (Mumsa) donated assorted items to the school.

Despite a lack of resources in the organisation, the Islamic grouping was motivated by one of the pillars of Islam that encourages the art of giving out charity commonly known as ‘Zakkah’ in Arabic language.

For the same cause, the students were on last Saturday out for a donation to the circular school located at least 25 km from Mzuzu central.

The aim of the visit was to inculcate a spirit of good hygiene practices in the pupils ranging from toilet environment, classrooms, and the general school surrounding.

The organisation which solely depends on students contributions for its activities items such as mop, buckets, plastic bins, brooms, soap, and some plastic shoes (to be used when entering toilets).

The gesture received some support from alumni and some Mzuni Muslim lecturers.

The function was blessed by two Mzuzu University lecturers Mr Tandwe and Mr Hamisi from Biology and Library Departments respectively.

In his remarks, the chairman of Mumsa, Bunnet, expressed his happiness that the dream of Mumsa to be at Chamalaza Primary School to present the health related items and talk about health issues was now a reality.

”It was our dream to be here one day to donate and share issues of cleanliness and how to take care of the school environment,” he said.

The chairman said being university students, they are aware that a good learning environment is tantamount to successful learning process and that’s what compelled Mumsa to donate the items.

Headteacher for the school Mr. Maseko applauded the organisation for the timely support provided to his school saying the school is far away from Zolozolo Education Zone hence they are mostly forgotten by authorities.

He said this should send a big message to others to do the same gesture and that God should continue guiding the organisation.

In his remarks, Hamisi who is Patron of Mumsa said the organisation has the duty of propagating the teaching and learning responsibility which Mzuni is centred on.

He also asked the headmaster to arrange an exchange visit for the pupils to the university to have an interaction with the Muslim intelligentsia and get some encouragement.

Lecturer Tandwe from Biology Department delivered a sip of knowledge to the pupils on some ailments that may come as a result of poor hygiene.

Later, there was a demonstration on how the equipment will be used by the pupils.