I represent a new vision for Malawi – Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera says he represents a new vision for Malawi because he and his runningmate Sidik Mia have never been president or vice president of Malawi.

Chakwera made the remarks in a statement Sunday. The MCP leader is expected to present his nomination to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) this morning.

Chakwera (c)

He said the other candidates who will present nomination papers have had opportunities to implement their visions when they were in power.

“On the one hand are all those candidates who are or have already been in power for the past 5 to 25 years and whose failure to govern has sunk our country deeper into corruption, poverty, and division. If you believe that the problems you have faced for the past 5 years should be left in the hands of those who created them, then you should vote for them…again.

“I on the other hand, represent a new vision for the future of Malawi. Neither I nor my running mate has ever been a co-pilot of Malawi as President or Vice-President, and so we represent a new page and a new vision,” he said.

According to Chakwera, if elected president he will change presidential powers and privileges so that the presidency is used for service and will end the use of tribes, religions, and party colours as a basis for business, employment, or academic opportunities.

He also promises to create 4 million jobs and increase incomes by cutting taxes, bringing investors, building factories, developing infrastructure, and building human capital.

“I will audit every branch of government, publicize all government contracts, make the ACB independent, set up special anti-corruption courts, and separate party and state functions.

“I will require everyone in my government to abide by the law, and if charged with a violation of the law, to take a leave from their position until their name is cleared in a court of law,” Chakwera said.

Meanwhile, Chakwera has resigned as Member of Parliament for Lilongwe North West constituency and Leader of Opposition in Parliament in accordance to the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi.

Article Eight, Section 80, Subsection 7(e) states: “No person shall be eligible for nomination as a candidate for election as President or First Vice-President…if that person is a holder of a public office or a Member of Parliament unless that person first resigns.”

On Sunday, former Vice President Khumbo Kachali  endorsed Chakwera and Kachali’s Freedom Party has entered into an alliance with the MCP.