Lions Club plants 2000 trees

Bwaila Lions Club in partnership with Lilongwe City Assembly yesterday planted 2000 trees along the banks of Lingadzi River in Lilongwe.

Speaking after the exercise, Bwaila Lions Club Vice President Bwaila Madalo Haji said the trees will in the coming years prevent floods which people in the area have been experiencing recently.

Haji noted that  there are houses along the river bank which put people at risk of being affected by floods..

“As Lions Clubs we plant trees across the country every year during tree planting season, in Lilongwe we have four clubs and each club joined the exercise,” she said.

She added that due to the commitment of members, the club has a history as conserving environment is concerned.

When asked about challenges, she said that people in the surrounding areas do not value natural resources.

Kalonga, Chatuwa, Chimutu and Nkwichi primary schools as well as Mzuzu University Alumni were also involved in the tree planting exercise.