Snipers beat Blue Eagles, KB in CRVL

Established in 2010, Snipers (formerly Calvary Family Church- CFC Volleyball Team) had never won against Blue Eagles and Kamuzu Barracks in Central Region Volleyball League (CRVL) games until two weeks ago. The gods finally smiled at Snipers Volleyball Club.

Snipers have played about eighteen games in CRVL against the two teams to date but only managed to win one game against each team.

“This is a morale booster in our camp as we are closing the 2018 season and preparing to start the 2019 season. These two wins have inspired confidence in our team that anything is possible as along as we work hard toward. So we are happy to beat two of the top teams in CRVL”, boasted Thomas Chatepa who is a Head Coach and Player for Snipers.

Blue Eagles went down to Snipers 3 – 1 on Saturday, 19th January and Kamuzu Barracks 3 – 2 in a flared game on 26th January, 2019 at Lilongwe Community Centre Court for 2018 Season.

“This is our time. Team work, training and dedication from the players and management is what has contributed a lot to this success. We are now playing as a team, very much organized. This has resulted in attracting many players to our team as well as increasing the standard of play. Though we know we have a tough job to maintain this performance, but we are determined and we have more surprises,” narrated Chatepa.

Currently, Snipers are on position five in Category A men Log Table with twelve points from ten games played. Category A has eight teams.

Chatepa has warned the second and third placed teams on CRVL Log Table, Lilongwe Spikers and Mipuniro Spikers to worry about his team.

“To Mipuniro Spikers and Lilongwe Spikers I would urge them to pull up their socks. They should not relax, we shall not go down easily anymore. We are here to compete and to set records for our team and we mean business. This is 2019 and we mean business, we have more surprises coming”, he warned.

Snipers have never won any game against Lilongwe Spikers and Mipuniro Spikers in CRVL games because the two teams are boycotting games against Kamuzu Barracks and there is a suspended verdict of six months from CRVL Executive Committee.

The boycotting of the last games by the two teams meant automatic serving on the sentence.

But CRVL General Secretary, Dr. Tarsizio Chikaonda told the local media after the teams defied the verdict and boycotted the games again that the committee will resolve the situation.

“We will have an executive meeting within this week to discuss the current situation bearing in mind that both teams have a suspended sentences due to similar acts,” he explained.

Kamuzu Barracks are the leaders of the log table and defending champions. The bottom two has NRC Thunders and Airborne. The two teams are in relegation zone to Category B Men while Blue Eagles Youth and Mipuniro Youth are the Champions and runners up in Category B and are poised to be promoted to Category A.