Musician behind ‘Mizikiti ichoke nyama, ya nkhumba idyedwe’ song arrested


Police in Mulanje have arrested Anderson Alfred Chipwaila aged 29, a musician known as Mesho for his controversial song against the Muslim community.

According to a report from Mulanje Police Public Relations Officer Greciam Ngwira, the suspect has been arrested at Mathambi trading centre following a tip-off.

“It’s true we have arrested the suspect for his song which has caused debate on social media and angered our Muslim brothers  but he will be charged and transferred to regional offices,” Ngwira said.

Ngwira said the suspect is likely to be handed over to regional offices for further investigations since he did not commit the offence in Mulanje.

Mesho’s song which was promoting the eating of pork and removing mosques has made a lot of noise on social media.

Muslim community groups asked stakeholders to act on the matter.

Mesho hails from Binali village, enior Chief Nkanda in Mulanje.




  1. Why do Muslims easily get offended by minor issues? Have you ever tried to practice Christianity in a Muslim country especially Saudi Arabia and see if you can survive more than a day. These are the same people who see everyone else who does not practice their religion as unholy. You can not dress as you please in the middle east , women are forced to wear black robes in temperatures of above 38 degrees. Its their rules if you want to live in their country you have to abide. When they go to other peoples countries they still want to impose their beliefs on others , they cry foul if they are told not to wear niqabs head scarf. Those are the rules of the country they have chosen . They start talking about rights , what about those that try and practice Christianity in the middle east don’t they have rights.

    Singing is not doing , no mosques have not been destroyed despite him singing such so whats the fuss . Thats freedom of speech. Set him free. God said forgive those that trespass against us .


  2. It’s a big problem in our country, that most artists do not have experts to critique their work. Oftentimes they just jump to sell their work. Hence we see so much bad stuff,illicit stuff being fed to the masses. It’s time now people realize the need for others to check their work before going to the market. Take the example of MBS what they do is check,approve or disapprove the sell of stuff if it’s harmful or not to the masses

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