‘Bushiri is not a victim’

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Actor Eugene Khumbanyiwa says Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is not being targeted by authorities in South Africa but should face the law if he committed a crime.

Khumbanyiwa who lives in South Africa was reacting to the arrest of Bushiri in the rainbow nation yesterday.

Eugene Khumbanyiwa
Khumbanyiwa: Bushiri is not a victim

Bushiri was arrested together with his wife as authorities accuse the two of money laundering.

In a Facebook post, Khumbanyiwa said Malawians should not rush to defend Bushiri or conclude that he is guilty since the prophet is going to have a fair trial like everybody else.

“Bushiri can afford the best lawyers in South Africa. They will be there to defend him. Then, there will be a judge who is going to separate the truth or facts from lies.

“Have peace. He is going to have a fair trial like everybody else. Even Jesus taught us about giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. If it’s about money laundering and fraud and he’s found guilty then he will definitely face the music like everybody else,” he said.

Khumbanyiwa then urged Malawian to stop claiming that Bushiri is being targeted because he is a foreigner saying some people are failing to admit that Bushiri is capable of committing a crime or making mistakes is because they look up to him as if he is a god.

“He is a Malawian and we love him but nobody is above the law not even a South African president and Bushiri is just a mere foreign ‘prophet.’ You can’t fight for God, if he is a true prophet God will fight for him. Nature has its own natural way of putting things in order,” he said.

The actor also noted that South Africa has always celebrated popular Malawians and has also always welcomed those who have gone there to work in various sectors.

“From our great great fathers who worked in mines decades ago (they used to tell us stories of TEBA) to lowly servants and hardworking garden boys working in the South African suburbs.

“Then we have Malawian professors and doctors in South African Universities and Hospitals, and, engineers, etc in high profile companies in South Africa contributing immensely to the South African economy, giving us a good name, and living large. Opening doors for future dreamers,” he said.


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  1. I thought this man was going to speak sense but seemingly like all the stupid followers of Bushiri o bolela nyoso no in fact marao.
    Bushiri is a skeemer he’s been a skeemer from day 1.
    Read Mathew 24:11 and you’ll find the answer.

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