Kyungu condemns youths over involvement in killing of people with albinism


Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga and Chitipa has condemned youths in the country for taking a role in abductions and killings of people with albinism.

Kyungu said this on Tuesday during prayers organized by the Northern Region Interfaith Organization aimed at praying against the abduction and killings of people with albinism held in Karonga district.

Kyungu: worried

The chief said youths in the country are used to perpetrate violence, abduct and kill people with albinism instead of protecting them.

“Sadly, many of perpetrators of violence in this country, abductors, killers of people with albinism are the youth,” said Kyungu.

He then appealed to young people in the country to take a leading role by protecting people with albinism if the country is to maintain an image of a God fearing nation.

The paramount chief also attacked religious leaders and politicians in the country for taking part in the barbaric acts of abducting and killings of persons with albinism.

In his remarks, presidential advisor on religious affairs apostle Timothy Khoviwa appealed to Malawians to work together in order to curb the act of abducting and killing of people with albinism.

Khoviwa urged faith leaders to start rendering their support to people with albinism as prayer alone is not enough to protect them.

The recent killing of a person with albinism in Nkhatabay and the abduction of a baby with albinism in Karonga have prompted condemnations from various quarters of the society.