Chilima’s plans for violent govt takeover shocks Malawians

Saulos Chilima suggestions of his plans to take over government violently has shocked Malawians who have described him as a threat to national security.

At a press briefing in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Chilima asked the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to respond to him “when called to duty”, a statement which suggested his sinister motives.

He even addressed himself to the military “As your vice president.”

Independent observers have since described his statements as tantamount to a coup plot as it is illegal for a vice president to ‘command the military’. They say Chilima has no powers by law to command the Malawi Defence Force. According to the law, the Malawi Defence Force takes orders from the Commander-in-Chief who is the President.

To strengthen the suggestion of his dark plans, he said that in the next few weeks he shall be announcing “the next vice president of the Republic of Malawi.”

His statements at the press conference have angered and even scared the Malawian public who have dubbed them as dangerous and Chilima a threat to national security.

At a lunch-hour gathering of people in Lilongwe, an analysis of Chilima’s statement drew the following conclusions:

He addressed soldiers “As your vice president”. This is a serious constitutional breach. The military does not take orders from the vice president. It is only the Commander-in-Chief to who the soldiers owe their loyalty. This statement is extremely dangerous and aimed at patronizing the military. It is a veiled coup.

He indirectly instigated the military to move in and take sides with him or the opposition when he invoked the Operation Bwezani saga of 1993. He was asking the military to take the role of the police which is also a dangerous and reckless statement that puts the security of the country at risk.

His statements were aimed at politicizing the military which they said is dangerous to the security of the nation.

Chilima’s statement should be seriously looked into.

This plot is the latest of his many illegal schemes throughout his vice presidency in his desperate attempt to take over power.

Chilima started plotting to take over government violently as early as July 2014 – barely a month into government – when he held his first clandestine meeting to start his plot to over President Peter Mutharika.

In September 2015, he and his press officer Pilirani Phiri spread lies to the press that President Mutharika had died while in New York attending the United Nations General Assembly. Chilima proceeded to form his own cabinet in readiness to take over power.

In December 2017, he took his covert plans to the public podium when he urged people in his Catholic church to revolt against President Mutharika so that he can become president.

When that failed, Chilima decided to stage his overthrow the ruling party system. In April 2018, he sent Callista Mutharika to incite a rebellion from with the ruling DPP against Mutharika. For this mission, he proceeded to recruit some disgruntled DPP members who waged a campaign for the removal of Mutharika so that he can take over the party. That failed.

In June 2018, he sent two MPs from his party to table a motion that would change Presidential Immunity law so that the president can stand trial if found to have committed a crime. Two weeks later, he and his plotters at the ACB leaked a corruption investigation report in which they inserted the name of the President as having been involved in an act of corruption but cannot stand trial because of Presidential Immunity. It was a plot to stir public outrage against Mutharika.

He also sponsored CSOs to stage violent anti-government demonstrations, hoping that their protests would ignite change for him to take over government.

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  1. a Malawi 24, we know you are DPP but you better write what is right. Did Chilima propose anything concerning violence at the press conference????? you got to be serious, remember, DPP izachoka m’boma and you will still need to write your stories, kodi muzizakalemba adad anuwo atabwerera ku america???

  2. Well written Mgeme Kalilani (kalilani-be crying). This lie you have told the nation is very true! I wish the DPP President, the inept, all the best as he sleeps again on the job from 21 May till then. You will win. Ife zitsilu tidabelekana kwambili kuno ku South kusiya ndi anthu openya aku North. Musadandaule bwana!!

  3. Mwasowa zolemba eti! Shut up if u dont have anything worthwhile talking about. Hiyaaaaa. Coup yachaninso apa. Palinso za coup apa!! The coup is coming on May 21st after we cast our votes, simple. Inu mungodikila kupita kumaula, chichiri after milandu yakuba yanu ija mutaweluzidwa. Mwayamba mantha eti!! Ndiye simunatitu. Mabodzawo ziwaphikani mpaka apselela ali pamoto.

  4. Keep on entertaining us Akimu, we really enjoy your nonsensical type of reporting. Keep it UP.


  6. DPP desperate propaganda
    Stupid mutharika just like mugabe. At 79 thinking like chicken ,be ye afraid because after may elections we will lock you up

  7. Hahahaha the way this so called mtolankhani called akimu nyoni analyse the stories of Chilima leave me shocked. Straight to the ppoint now; akimu nyoni sumatha ntchito. Zimachita kuonekeratu kut ndiwe mwana wa adad. Chilima was saluting MDF not commanding them as written in your nthano above. Pack your laptop, go and visit your granny in the village muzikapanga ndagi, nthano ndi ntchezero kumeneko.
    I have been following ur stories and they are all twisted, full of DPP propaganda. Shame on u aise.
    Mtolankhani omapanga twist chilungamo pongofuna kuipitsa dzina la wina. Infact, u have never posted a story on this platform other than that of Chilima. Ukufunika deliverance.

  8. Akimu ndiwe opusa kwambiri, always you castigate Chilima bwanji, you only talks nonsence and lies about him bwanji? Machende ako kwambiri, mbuzi ya munthu,

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