Shot fired: Chilima warns Mutharika over dormancy

Peter Mutharika Saulos Chilima

UTM leader Saulos Chilima says President Peter Mutharika is playing hypocrisy by only condemning violence in the country.

The country’s Vice President has since asked Mutharika to rise to the demands of his office to ensure the police exercise their full powers.

Chilima was reacting to recent attacks on members of the opposition one of which rested on a UTM member in Mangochi.

He said that the police have been coy to make arrests because there is no willingness from the Mutharika regime to end violence.

“You cannot, Mr President, allow your few supporters to break the law with arrogance, impunity and then shamelessly stand on a podium to preach peace. This hypocrisy must stop. You cannot stand on podium and advocate peaceful elections and at the same time close your eyes to the realities of the ugliness of uncivility of violence from your camp. Our message to you today is this simple: We have had enough of rhetoric from political podiums. We want action from you and we call for an end to political violence once and for all. You have no excuse. Arise and act.

Chilima added that the police have since been favouring the ruling party DPP, from which his UTM only emerged as a faction.

“The police are left with no power to do an investigation. This is because the leadership isn’t allowing that. It is unfortunate that President Mutharika was on the podium condemning violence when he has been quiet in action about it” said Chilima today at a press briefing in Lilongwe.

A UTM member was nearly undressed in Mangochi for wearing the party’s regalia by suspected DPP youths.

Earlier this month UTM legislator Bon Kalindo was arrested for insulting President Peter Mutharika and later assaulted by Democratic Progressive Party youths known as cadets while Malawi Congress Party member Edward Govati was attacked by the same DDP youths.

Mutharika has however distanced the DPP from the act.