Chilima launches vicious attack against the MCP

Saulos Chilima

In a lukewarm press conference that could not live up to the hype, Vice President Saulos Chilima launched a vicious attack against the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

In his direct attack to the MCP, Chilima makes a claim that he was there “when we fought [MCP] dictatorship, and cruelty to usher in democracy;”

But those who were at CHANCO with him deny ever seeing him participating in student politics. So Chilima is lying when he claims that he was ever involved in political activities in his days as a below average student.

Reminding the people about the atrocities of the MCP, Chilima continued, “My fellow Malawians, this is part of our nation’s history. And it is history that we must never forget.”

Insiders claim that this has really upset the MCP strategists because the MCP is trying too hard to make people forget the evil past and history of the MCP that cost lives of over 20,000 people- a number that seems to be understated.

Whilst taking a swipe at the DPP, Chilima tried to pretend to sympathise with the MCP when he spoke about Edward Govati. The plan was to make it look like he sympathises with the MCP, after dedicating minutes of the opening of his lame speech dealing with the atrocities committed by the MCP.

In his speech, however, Chilima did not address the issue of corruption – especially the corruption conducted by a Vice President who earns K1 million salary per month while doing nothing. His benefits are calculated to be over K35 million per month, paid for by the tax payers. A K36 million burden a month!

In a country as poor as Malawi, earning such a huge salary while not working is gross insult to hard working taxpayers and the poor.



  1. Mbuzi mapeto ya reporter.iwe ukutenga mbali ,m’mutu mwako mowola ngati ndanda.Ndiwe mapeto a shupitii.

  2. The writer of this story is mbuzi ya munthu.iwe ukutenga mbali ? M’mutu mwako umazicha mtolankhani? Zila lowola , lowola mapeto a shupitii you are.

  3. Uchitsiru omanamiza dziko polemba nkhani zonyasisa mbiri ya Munthu pano ndi mbiri ya kale. Anthu pano anapenya ndipo akuona ndi maso awo zomwe zikuchitika. Nkhani zanu zonse zikuoneserathu kuti mwakwera chipani chanucho nde tiyeni nazo munya muona. Siunganamize mtundu wa a Malawi ukuchepa pumbwa wa chabechabe

  4. This journalist makes me laugh kwambiri, i mean who does that?? How can you even think of discrediting that speech? Cant you even see that your analyses are always childish and unconvincing? I pity those who have hired you, cause ulibe nzeru aixe. Next time ask anthu ena azikuthandiza kulemba. And stop embarrassing yourself and this page.

  5. Akim Nyoni, you must be very stupid. I wonder wether you are really a journalist, which school did you actually go to pursue your Journalism career if at all you are? The way you analyse most of the stories gives me alot of questions and i wonder wether this publication has a chief editor. If you have a hatred enmity with Chilima don’t bring it here by trying to personalise someone.
    Ngati wadya Chibanzi then just know that you are furnishing the credibility of this publication. I am apolitical but I have been following most of your stories here and feel that you are lacking professional skills.

  6. Useless Dpp propaganda the writer and your paymasters are both stupid .you have messed up Malawi and your time is up with gogo maliseche

  7. Poor reporting go back in class. Abortion of journalism ethics. Shame on you with your partisan writing. You deserve a place in a dust bin

  8. Iwe akimu nyoni nkhani zako zonse zimangokhala zonyoza chilima. Kodi ndiwe cadet et? U owez try to attack chilima in ur stupid stories

  9. Achilima ndinu opusa munyatu mwatha mapulani simuphulapo kanthu mtundu wa Malawi watopa ndi anthu ngati inu onhokolola pomwe simunalime kuba ndaalama za misonkho ya wanthu osauka nkumayembekeza kuti mungakhale ndi mwayi… Come may 21 zatha zimenezo malawi back in truc kupita patsogolo ndi mtsogoleli wangwiro Lazaraus chakwera and Mcp

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