UTM pomp fades as financiers abandon them: Concubine’s scandal leaves marriage shaken

The pomp for Vice President Saulos Chilima’s UTM is slowly fading and United Transformation Movement (UTM) is becoming more disorganized, with information emerging that the alleged financiers have stopped bankrolling them as the party does not give the donors any hope of winning the elections, as they have been projected to finish a distance third in the May 21st polls.


According to information this publication has gathered, Saulos Chilima has told his inner circle that they must be working hard to make sure they have enough money for the campaign and that they must not rely on him only to be visible on the ground because the party does not have money.

As if that is not enough, Chilima’s trip to the USA was also meant to fundraise for UTM and he was aiming of coming back home with $300,000. Unfortunately, Chilima only came back home a sad man with only $70, 000.

This is one of the reasons Chilima has slowed down on his public appearance because he has a limited budget to operate on.

A seemingly vulnerable Saulos Chilima came back home in such a low mood secretly with frustration of failing to coax financiers into UTM as he was told in the face, there is nothing he is offering apart from venting his anger and his childishness of going on the podium drunk.

Chilima came back home with a scandal following a story which made its way in the public domain that he went to America with a concubine while his wife was left home. This is speculated to have also been one of the reasons he told UTM to cancel his welcome at the airport to avoid public embarrassment.

Inside sources have told this publication that Chilima and wife are not in talking terms following the revelations that he took a side chick to the US.

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  1. The disclaimer at the end of this article states: “Views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent that of Malawi24.”

    How can we believe that when the article itself says: “According to information this publication has gathered … ”

    So, there we have it; despite the disclaimer, Malawi24 is gathering information in order to discredit Chilima.

  2. Kkkkk,some journalist are disastrous. Please try other time to write something people to understand and believe. May u take another time to go through your work.It’s known, you’re not in support of the guy but mwaonjeza.

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