Don’t politicise killings of persons with albinism – Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has warned people in the country against politicising the killings of people with albinism saying the fight against the attacks is not a one man show.

He said this in Bangwe on Sunday during a whistle stop tour he conducted in Blantyre starting with Nancholi, Zingwangwa, Chilobwe, Manje and Limbe before concluding in Bangwe.

Mutharika pointed out that the issue of killings of persons with albinism happening in the country is not something that some quarters should use to advance their interest.

“The fight against the killings requires joint efforts from churches, chiefs, enforcement agencies among others and it is not a one man show. As government we are equally concerned with the issue.

“The matter is very sensitive and at all cost people should avoid politicizing it. Let me assure all people in the country that my government will continue to offer protection to people with albinism,” he added.

Mutharika has since promised to build a new market and good road networks in Bangwe Township that can facilitate trade in the township, saying the mentioned issues are pillar in driving trade.

Minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi revealed that investigations are showing that relatives are connected to the killings of persons with albinism in the country.

He said the current government would leave no stone unturned but to arrest all suspects connected with the killings adding justice would prevail sooner or later.

The Minister said: “The way the killings are happening in this country is questionable because it seems many relatives are having a hand in one way or the other. My appeal to all stakeholders including other politicians is that please let us avoid politicizing the issue of killings of persons with albinism killings.

“Government is doing all it can to protect these people and let me say that like any case of the killing, Nkhatabay and Karonga incidences are also being treated seriously and all perpetrators will be brought to book.”

Story by Tikondane Vega – Mana