Goodall confident DPP will get five more years

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the North Goodall Gondwe says it will be difficult for any party to boot the ruling party out of government in the May 21 elections.

He was speaking at Chiputula ground in Mzuzu where the DPP held a rally.

Gondwe who is also Minister of Finance urged the city’s residents to vote for President Peter Mutharika as Malawi leader and Kenneth Sanga as Mzuzu City MP.

He also repeated his claims that running government is not for the youth since it is serious business.

“It is not possible for DPP to be booted out of government. Running government is a serious business and Malawi cannot ruled by babies.

“Let’s vote for DPP which has developed the country within five years and more is coming in the next five years,” said Gondwe.

He added that the ruling party has completed several projects in the region including the Nkhatabay-Mzuzu road, Nkhatabay Hospital and schools.

In his remarks, DPP regional Governor Sanga said this country cannot be ruled by someone who is not mature.

“How can someone who is saying he wants to rule this country go to Nkhotakota and say that the land is fertile and good to cultivate Chamba, do you think this country can have a future?,” asked Sanga.

On Saturday, the DPP also held rallies in Masasa, Luwinga Chiwavi, Mchengautuwa townships.



  1. Where is the airport in Mzuzu if you saying Peter is good?

  2. Sanga is very stupid. That’s why you going to lose election. What is Malawi the first poorest country in the world. South Africa is very rich but now we are free to plant chamba bcz most medicine made by chamba and Peter is the most stupidity president that Africa have never have. He can’t even talk. Gondwe stop lying to us it’s Malawians tax payers money doing development not dpp

  3. Stupid Goodle you can full some people sometimes but not all the people all the times…whatever you talked is nonsense..Mcp is gonna take you down easily because you and DPP has done a lot of harm to our loved country Malawi only those who are blind can’t see but the nations of Malawi knows that you are the worst government of all times Malalwi as a nation will never give you chance again just wait and see come 21 may your DPP will be history.

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