‘Kamuzu’s son’ Jumani dies


Jim Jumani Johansson who claimed to be the son of Malawi’s founding President Kamuzu Banda has died this morning.

Jumani, 45, died this morning after a short illness at Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

Jumani: has died

Jumani who is a Swedish citizen has been pushing for a DNA test to prove that he is Kamuzu’s son.

He was deported from the country in 2011 and since then he had been living in South Africa.

But he came back to Malawi last year together with his wife and daughter to continue pressing for a DNA test.

In December last year, Jumani made his first public appearance in Kasungu where he attended the burial ceremony of son to Kamuzu Banda’s late uncle.

“I have been in the country for about a month now, but I decided to come home (Kasungu) to be with my relations during this time,” he told the local media.

He added that he was not in Malawi to fight but to stay in his home country.

However, Kamuzu’s family said in December that the former Malawi leader had no wife and he did not father a child.

“This is senseless. Government knows our stand that Kamuzu had no family and left no child,” Senior Chief Kaomba said.

During his stay in Malawi, Jumani visited Kamuzu’s Mausoleum in the capital Lilongwe.




  1. We can talk and talk but only God knows the truth.
    Komano pamwambo wamaliro akubanja adzakhala ochokela kuti?
    Nanga maliro akaika manda akuti poti zikatere zimafuna achibale?
    Omwe adzalankhule ngati akubanja kwa malemuwa ndindani?

  2. Chief Kaomba is an arch satanist on this earth.why bewitch Jumani for saying the truth anyway.you people had alot of innocent souls disappear/killed mysteriously all because of greed (dyera)!Kamuzu had no family…fuck the bloody fiction!!.his manhood was working anyways.Jumani was rightly Kamuzu’s son and deserved those billion he left for him to inherit.you need a lesson (hard one)next time you threaten others through witchcraft.in south africa’s limpopo province you were very much eligible for lynching.Nawenso udzafa,galu!!

  3. Who knows, everything was done secretly on his power. I wonder why the DNA test was not conducted and delay. There’s primal faci .

    Maybe,but only God knows.
    YOU see the difference between a leader who is a Christian and a leader who doesn’t know Jesus.Chief Kaomba would have accepted that the So called kamuzu son should indeed go for DNA,what was his problem to talk to public like that? If Jumani was insisting then they would have given him a chance to prove it.You can’t say,you know all the secret of kamuzu Banda.He was outside the country for very long time and you don’t know what happened when he was there.He can not tell you his deep secrets,you must not do that,you must have the spirit of Jesus in your heart.
    Now he is dead without proving himself.
    I am very disappointed in you.

  5. This is unbelievable abale come on , please police investigate this matter as Malawians wants to know the truth as soon as possible .

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