Villagers nabbed for attempting to murder three people


Armed Dedza police officers yesterday raided two villages and arrested 6 people who attempted to kill a woman and her two children after accusing them of practising witchcraft.

Confirming the incident was Dedza police spokesperson constable Cassim Manda who said that the three were being accused of bewitching a standard two learner.

Manda said on 10th January this year, a standard two learner at Chiphanzi village in the area of Traditional Authority Kaphuka died after a short illness.

On 12 January, a day after burial, Dedza police was tipped that a group of criminals had gathered and apprehended two boys demanding for their blood and accusing them of bewitching the standard two learner.

A dozen of police officers rushed to the scene for the rescue of the two boys and when police arrived at the scene, conspirators, started throwing stones at the police officers.

Police officers successfully pulled out of the fire the two young people but disgruntled thugs initiated operation of searching the children’s mother.

As police officers were going back to their offices, they were informed that the mother of the two children whom officers rescued from hands of criminals, was being stoned.

Police officers returned to the scene and found the woman Annie Mkanda in pool of blood and with a swollen head. They rushed her to Dedza district hospital where she was admitted.

Yesterday, police arrested Infayawo Lakiyo, 35, of Chiphazi village, T/A Kaphuka; Harry Zande aged 27 of Daniel village T/A Kasumbu; Che tiki Black aged 27 of Ndeleya village T/A Kasumbu; Jeviliyasi Luve aged 26 of Chiphazi village, T/A Kaphuka; Morisi Lowe aged 25 of same village and Kaseza Kasenda aged 40 of Ndeleya village T/A Kasumbu all in Dedza district.

The publicist further said last year some of these criminals also killed Gogo Maulidi, for the same accusation of practicing witchcraft but they were at large. He added that the suspects will also answer a charge of murdering Gogo Maulidi.

Manda has since cautioned the general public to refrain from accusing or harassing peopleon witchcraft allegations.