Malawians tell Mutharika to walk his own talk: Discipline DPP anti-women cadets


Malawians have demanded President Peter Mutharika to walk the talk and discipline Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets who stripped a woman.

Democratic Progressive Party cadets last weekend forced a woman to take off her UTM T-shirt but Mutharika when condemning the incident did not rebuke his party’s followers.

The president however asked political leaders to discipline their followers who perpetrate violence on political opponents and to refrain from using inflammatory language.

Mutharika’s comments have annoyed Malawians who have accused the president of hypocrisy.

Commenting on Malawi24’s story, Malawians say Mutharika should first discipline his party’s cadets who have been unleashing violence on members of the opposition.

Ibrahim Fisco said: “It’s true when 2pac said politicians are hypocritical they won’t listen because it’s Mutharika’s cadets who cause havoc in Malawi but he is the one telling politicians to advise their followers.”

“Why can’t he lead by example by disciplining his cadets?” asked Agatha Abiti Douglas Mambala.

Mathews Zimtambira said: “What kind of a leader MW has? His cadets are beating people, he talks as if he has no eyes. Mayi Malawi wake up.”

While Peter Ngwira said: “He is not taking responsibility. If I were the president I would simply command the police to arrest anybody who is causing problems without fear or favour, period. No need of pushing the blame to opposition or advising them to discipline their subordinates. Come on he is the president.”

Since the start of the year, political violence has escalated in Malawi.

Earlier this month, UTM legislator Bon Kalindo was assaulted in Mulanje. Last weekend, DPP cadets beat up UTM members in Mangochi and assaulted MCP supporter Edward Govati at his home in Blantyre.

Police have since arrested two people in Mangochi for assaulting the UTM members and forcing them to strip off their party T-shirts.


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  1. How angry I am it I had gun I’d declared war on him. I know you’ll need to search me and I’m available. The way these lawlessness people are plundering Malawi I can’t sit and watch but to do something

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