Mutharika tells politicians to discipline followers involved in violence

Arthur Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has asked political leaders to discipline their followers who perpetrate violence on political opponents.

Mutharika made the remarks in a statement yesterday in which he also condemned the political violence that has increased since the turn of the year.

The violent acts against UTM and Malawi Congress Party supporters are suspected to have been carried out by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets. But the president did not directly condemn followers of his party.

He however appealed to all political leaders in Malawi to be responsible and refrain from using inflammatory language.

Mutharika said he abhors lawlessness as a HE-for-She Champion and will not tolerate any acts deliberately calculated at humiliating women on the political space and creating politics of anarchy.

“President Mutharika values peace, love and unity among all Malawians and will ensure that these values are well safeguarded.

“The President therefore reiterates his New Year day call to all citizens to reject savage politics of insults, attacks and hatred. Instead, Malawians should continue to promote and defend belligerently issue-based and nation-building politics,” says the statement signed by Presidential Press Secretary and Spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani.

Mutharika also urged all Malawians to value life for everybody and to refuse to be used in any acts that undermine the good image of Malawi’s sound record of democratic governance.

“Whereas some violence is purely criminal in motive and some is political, the President urges Malawians to join hands in the fight against violence and desist from politicising every violence that occurs in our society. The President also calls upon human rights lobby groups to stand above partisan politics and protect all women regardless of which party they belong to,” said Mutharika in the statement.

He added that he wants to see any individual or institution attempting to drag this country to anarchy arrested or brought to justice.

Mutharika then directed the Malawi Police Service to take action against people perpetrating violence and to protect people with albinism.