Department of climate change warns over heavy rains


The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has warned people to expect heavy rains today and tomorrow which will be accompanied by strong winds.

In a statement issued Monday, the department  said the  heavy rains expected in the Southern Region could cause flash floods in prone areas hence people are supposed to move to higher grounds when  water levels have stated rising, to avoid crossing flooding rivers and should not seek shelter under trees and weak infrastructures in order to secure properties and lives.

According to the statement signed by Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Jolamu Nkhokwe, the severe weather is due to a deep and wide low pressure system in the Mozambique Channel which has strengthened named Tropical storm Desmond.

The storm is located near Quelimane north of Beira in Mozambique which is 390 Kilometers away from Southern Malawi border Nsanje

By Monday, 21st January, the Tropical Storm was on its way to make a landfall overland including Southern Malawi.

The department expects the storm to weaken by Wednesday.