Aspirant pledges MK200, 000 per month for Mzuzu families

Aspiring Mzuzu City Member of Parliament Alfred Mwenifumbo has pledged to deliver investment in the dairy milk value chain that will enable families in Mzuzu to generate an income of MK200, 000 a month from milk sales.

Mwenifumbo, a youth agribusiness trainer and philanthropist, is already training 288 youth in agribusiness through a charity organization, Giving Hearts Farmer Centre.

Mwenifumbo in light green t-shirt lends a helping hand in constructing the bridge at Chibanja.

Speaking in an interview on Saturday, Mwenifumbo said that much pasture in Mzuzu is underutilized by the few dairy farmers in the City.

“There is a lot of opportunity in the dairy – produce value chain. When I am voted for, I will invest in the dairy milk production   so that every family in Mzuzu to earn Mk 200, 00 a month in Mzuzu to create employment. Mzuzu is the evergreen City and there is a lot of pasture that is not utilized.”

Apart from agribusiness, the shadow Member of Parliament has already embarked on various community development efforts in some wards in Mzuzu City.

In Chibanja, Mwenifumbo is currently completing works on a bridge that was washed away by heavy rains last year.

“Other than giving people handouts, I’d rather do something that will benefit the whole community. What we are doing is to repair the bridge. There was a small bridge in a Saulsbery line in Chibanja that was washed away two months ago. The block leaders approached me and we have since started working on the bridge, it’s almost nearing completion, it will cost MK 600, 000,” said Mwenifumbo.

From Chibanja, the shadow MP says that he plans to spread his community development efforts to Luwinga Ward.  Msongwe, Nambo, Mchengautuba West are some of areas that Mwenifumbo has already implemented community-bridge construction works.

The Shadow MP says that he is  confident that owing to  his vast experience in  development  and high level of education with a  Bachelors Degree in Agriculture  and two Masters Degrees  in; Divinity and , in development studies,  he will emerge winner in the Mzuzu City Parliamentary Elections on May 21, 2019.

Mwenifumbo has also promised to increase job creation by leveraging on his expertise in development studies and proposal writing to woo donor-funds for development projects in Mzuzu.

“The issues of development we cannot depend on Government alone. Government will give you the standard answer if you go to Parliament.  But we will develop a projects development and implementation unit within the City Council and employ young graduates whose’ role will be to write proposals to look for funding opportunities,” said Mwenifumbo.

By Monday morning 17 aspiring councillors had collected nomination forms from Mzuzu City Council while six aspiring independent Members of Parliament, including Mwenifumbo, had also collected their nomination forms. The shadow MPs include; Mzuzu City Mayor William Mkandawire, Maggie Phiri,  Mzuzu City Deputy Mayor Alexander Mwakikunga, Jombo Ward Councilor Lusubilo Mwangonde and  Justin Chilimunthowa Mlotha.

Those  joining the race to the National Assembly from  major political parties  are Bennex Mwamlima  of  Malawi Congress Party (MCP), incumbent  Mzuzu City Parliamentarian  and United Transformation Movement (UTM)  Northern Region Governor Leonard Njikho standing on  a UTM ticket   and,  the ruling Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP)’s  North Regional Governor  Kenneth Sanga.