JB vows to increase power generation to 3000 Megawatts

Joyce Banda

Former President Joyce Banda has promised to make a tremendous improvement in the power sector once voted into power in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Banda who is also leader of the People’s Party (PP) made the promise when she was addressing a rally in Mzimba two days ago.

Joyce Banda
Joyce Banda: promises to end blackouts

According to Banda, she will upgrade the country`s power generation to 3000 Megawatts which is close to ten times the current capacity.

Malawi’s first female president said persistent blackouts are counterproductive hence the need to solve the problem in a bid to keep the country`s economy on the right track.

Furthermore, her Banda plans to make that happen in just five years. The development will see 50 percent of Malawians having access to electricity.

Statistics indicate that only 10 percent of the 17 million Malawians have electricity.

The campaign period is nearer, thus the need for all presidential aspirants to fine-tune their manifestos. Whether Madam Banda is making those promises just to attract voters or not, only time will tell. However, Malawians consider Banda a solution to electricity problems.

During her two year tenure of office, power cuts were reduced contrary to the four years of Peter Mutharika`s regime.

In 2017, the country experienced 24 hours power shortages which put most businesses to a standstill.







  1. She is lying,she failed to do that when she had a chance let by gones be by gones,she cant fool malawians twice.
    She went to America after stealing money and now what?

  2. Iwe JB, it’s not just about electricity. When you accidentally became our president in 2012, you brought your sister from nowhere to be our PS for Education as if there were no people in the ministry.

    You also appointed Hawa Ndilowe and late Willie Samute, both of them from your home district, Zomba, to be our Chief Secretary and Deputy Chief Secretary respectively. Don’t we have Malawians from other districts to do the job? Forget my vote.

  3. During JB’s rule, for the first time ever, Malawi had Chief Secretary and Deputy Chief Secretary – Hawa Ndilowe and late Willie Samute – both from one district, Zomba, JB’s home district. Yet, our so called human rights defenders CSOs never raised an eyebrow. Timothy Ntambo and Gift Trapence, where were you then?

  4. Problem of biased reporting. This woman has been tried and failed miserably in 2014. She’s free to make her noises, but can’t be tried again.

  5. please a JB musatinamize munali momwemo koma zinakanika ndiye apa mukungolubwalubwa za ma drivers license pano muli pa magetsi kenako mutinamiza chiyani?

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