Forestry officers anger MP

Blantyre West Member of Parliament (MP) Tarcizio Gowelo has expressed dismay over forestry officers who allow illegal cutting of trees after being bribed.

Gowelo: Some officers are bribed

Gowelo explained that despite efforts being made to restore nature by replanting trees, some forestry officers receive bribes from people to allow them to cut trees in protected forests.

Speaking during a tree planting ceremony organized by Catholic Development Commission of Malawi (CADEMO) in the Archdiocese of Blantyre on Thursday at Michiru hill, the legislator advised the officers to avoid being involved in corruption that has witnessed a decrease in the number of trees.

“They are the same people who allow people to come at night to come and cut trees. We have received such reports,” said Gowelo.

He further advised the officers to take full mandate of having direct enforcement of protecting trees in the country.

Commenting on the sentiments, Archbishop of Blantyre archdiocese Thomas Luke Msusa advised legislators to pass laws that are to protect nature.

“We have to accept that we have corruption in our country what we can do is enforce laws that protect our nature,” said Msusa.

CADEMO in the archdiocese of Blantyre has partnered with forestry department in Blantyre to plant trees for the next five years.