Cadets fight for Chibuku in presence of APM: Preliminaries for what Malawi should expect


Notorious DPP cadets fought for Chibuku Shake-Shake beer in front of Malawi President Peter Mutharika during a beer party at Kamuzu Palace on Friday afternoon.

The cadets started fighting for the beer when they got intoxicated and a tired Mutharika just looked on embarrassed.

The ugly scenes were happening at the K60 million beer jamboree that APM had organized for the 1,700 cadets from the Central Region.

ll the cadets got K20,000 allowances plus a party cloth and t-shirt.

Some party gurus tried in vain to stop the fights but failed to control the unruly Cadets.

Political analysts say the violent scene at State House is a teaser of what Malawians should expect from the ruling party and its notorious cadets when the campaign period is officially launched.

“If they are failing to control these bloodthirsty cadets before their leader, what more if they are on their own out there. The impunity being displayed by DPP is just too much and these people know that they are leaving in May that is why they are doing all these things,” said a political analyst.

“You mean your priorities would be to use K60 million of taxpayers’ money on beer? Honestly? When you do not have medicines in hospitals and you can barely pay teachers. This is the worst regime since we got democracy, ” he said.

DPP is well known for its notoriety panga wielding cadets that have been causing havoc and maiming innocent lives. A University of Malawi student, Robert Chasowa, was gruesomely murdered in 2011 for speaking against the ruling DPP.


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  1. If this fight was for fighting the devil,I would have given them credit,but beer eish! Very sad indeed,let’s not forget that whatever we do on earth,we are going to be judged that is why we need to cautious of what we are doing because this life is not our own.

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