Malawian population up by 4 million in ten years


Malawian population has risen by 35% in ten years, results of the 2018 population and housing census have shown.

NSO commissioner Kanyuka (R) presenting the results

The population in 2018 in now at 17 Million a rise from 13 Million in a previous census in 2008.

According to the National Statistical Office – NSO, Malawi has 17,563,749 people.

Females lead with 9,042,293 against males 8,521,456.

The Southern Region tops the three regions with a population of 7,750,629 against the Central region with 7,525,160 and the North with 2,286,960.

It is in the capital Lilongwe where the highest number of Malawians live.  The city has a population of 1,637,583 seconded by Mangochi district with 1,148,611.

Analysts had told Malawi24 before that the population boom posits the nation with great harm and an unprecedented struggle for the already meagre resources.

The world has seen China’s one child policy as the outstanding control measure to population booms.

Relatively, a family in Malawi has about 5 children.

The NSO carries out various surveys whose results guide policy making and distribution of resources.