Floods wash away bridges in Lilongwe


Heavy rains which fell for about three hours in Lilongwe yesterday caused floods that washed away bridges and damaged houses.

A damaged bridge at Chipasula

A videos shared on social media shows Chipasula Bridge crumbling due to the flooding.

The newly built Kawale Bridge that connects town and Kawale was also damaged by the heavy rains.

According to Department of Disaster Management Affairs, the floods also damaged houses and property in various townships.

A preliminary report on the assessment conducted by the Lilongwe city council has indicated that 109 households (approximately 600 people) have been affected in Kaliyeka Township.

Some of the areas which were affected by the floods include Biwi, Area 22, Chipasula Mchesi, Kawale and Area 36 Townships.

Meanwhile Lilongwe City council continues to assess the extent of damage in the remaining townships and is expected to hand over a report to the Department Disaster Management Affairs.

Minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi is also expected to visit the affected places on Friday.

Recently, Mtandire area was effected by the floods where some people lost their lives and properties.