Politicians seeking positions out of anger, jealousy – Kamlepo


Lawmaker for Rumphi East constituency Kamlepo Kalua says Malawi has no direction on development for its citizens as politicians seek leadership positions out of anger and jealousy.

Speaking on the local press, Kalua said Malawi has lost its developmental direction due to leaders that are looking to siphon public resources.

“No one is offering solutions to challenges that we have been having in this country, people are seeking leadership positions due anger, jealous,” said Kalua.

He faulted recycled politicians to be behind Malawi’s failure to achieve development agendas for its citizens.

“Every regime, there are the same people. Their main business is not to develop this country but steal from Malawians, they mislead the current leader because of their personal desires,” he added.

The legislator also advised leaders to have eyes and ears on the people who ushered them into power for them to meet the interest of the public.

Malawi is among poor countries in the world and corruption is one of the reasons for the country’s retarded development.