TB Joshua says 2019 is “very, very fearful year”

TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of Nations (SCOAN) has described 2019 as a “very fearful” year which will lead to the interruption of democracy.

Prophet T.B. Joshua, while claiming he spent the beginning of the New Year on the top of Prayer Mountain for 3 days, warned there may be interruption of democracy this year.

“I’m here because I know where I need to grow where we know where we need to grow is victory itself… I like being one with nature – where there are no disturbances, where we don’t need to close our eyes to pray,” he explained, indicating he had been in prayer and fasting for 3 days to begin the New Year.

TB Joshua
TB Joshua

“I developed this habit right from the beginning of my ministry… When I need a quiet place, I run to the wilderness, to the mountain,” he continued, conspicuously barefooted, simply clad in a gown and holding his Bible.

“I’m here to know the mind of God concerning this fearful year, 2019 – a very, very fearful year” he prophesies.

He then prayed for his viewers, stating that “whatever hinders you to greatness” would “give way” and “whatever that does not reflect Jesus in your life” would “be removed.”

“I want to play with you whatever you need are you to greatness could be your witnesses could be generational curses, I mean inherited curses begin to give way, in the Name of Jesus” he prayed.



  1. Man of God please play for me and my family my mother is not feel well and also my business is not well please play for me and my family and the father of my child no more love please I need your help

  2. Is Prayer Mountain similar to Candy Mountain? Definitely some wealthy pastors that need to spend 3 days fasting up there, and maybe will keep them out of politics for enough time for their congregation to get back to religious worship instead.

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