Chilima not arrested: storms police to bail out arrested aides

Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima stormed Balaka Police where his aides who he had delegated to attend the Chibanja Cho Ayawo function at Liwonde are currently detained.
His aides, Joshua Valera and Kushi Unyolo, were arrested by the police when they the Chibanja Cho Ayawo, a cultural grouping for the Yao people.

The news forced Chilima, who was unable to attend the cultural ceremony as he was attending a funeral ceremony for his close friend in Balaka, to visit Balaka Police Station.

Vice President is at at the police station demanding release of his aides. So far Balaka police are feigning ignorance of charges against the aides stating that they are simply keeping them on directives from above” Solomon Masano posted on Facebook.

“So far no charges have been filed against them” he added.

Meanwhile on lookers crowd is swelling and UTM supporters are singing, drumming, whistling and dancing at the police station.

Unyolo and Valera were arrested at Chingeni Roadblock. They left the ceremony after sensing a possible animosity from DPP operatives.

UTM supporters are gathering at Balaka Police in solidarity.

Despite reports that Chilima was not actually detained, his publicist, Pilirani Phiri, insisted that Vice President was detained.
“Upon hearing that his two aides were under arrest at Balaka police, the VP went to enquire about the arrest. Since the VP entered the police station, the police have not let the VP out or provided an update. To me, that’s an arrest” said Pilirani Phiri on a Facebook post by whistleblower, Gerald Kampanikiza.
Chilima has now been released.



  1. Police have to be alert at all times around the president, they don’t need to take chances, if any individuals look suspicious, they have a right to take them in for questioning, I don’t see anything wrong with that, remember its head of state we talking about here

  2. Sometimes its not productive to escalate a harmless situation for egotistical/emotional reasons. Osamangokula mtima nthawi zonse! It always good to think through repercussions before acting like only we have the answers to everything. As if everybody on the street is a jury & judge rolled into one.

    Now look what has happened, they have unlawfully detained a constitutionally appointed VP without charge, and from the sound of things, without actually meaning to do so.Next thing you know, headline on BBC News/ Reuters — ” Human rights abuses in Malawi ”

    This could lead to an international incident with UNHCR & others, which could have long standing effects on ALL Malawian citizens (ever heard of sanctions?). And for what? Because some people from opposition went to a cultural gathering ?!? Really?

    Remember: Its that simple to light one matches that can burn down an entire forest.

  3. Orders from above? Which above has the powers to arrest people of other political parties when there is no offence or crime committed . We are in a democratic dispensation where such actions by the executive can not be tolerated. Mind you the nation is watching. May 21 is just around the corner.You shall reap what you are sawing .

  4. Vice President Saulos Chilima’s two personal assistants Joshua Verela and Kushi Unyolo were on Sunday arrested by police in Balaka for being suspected to have been involved in treasonous activities when they visited Chiwanja Cha ayawo.

    The two were at the Chiwanja Cha Ayao ceremony in Liwonde where according to well-placed sources, they were behaving suspiciously.

    When they noted that they were being watched by the security at the function, they started running away. First they headed for the Blantyre direction before they u-turned towards Lilongwe.

    And they were arrested at Chingeni Road Block.

    Intelligence have been tipped that the two, Verela and Unyolo, have been arrested in connection to 11 bullets of M16A1 automatic riffle and 3 AK47 that have been discovered by the intelligence 100 meters away from the venue of Chiwanja Cha ayawo .

    Meanwhile police have intensified investigation into the allegation and the two are just part of the police’s effort to discover what was going on but there is no evidence yet that the 2 are connected to the discovered weapons”
    This miget be what happened bwa?.

  5. Anzanu amafufuza asanalembe nkhani kodi muzapanga liti improve atolankhani akwathu

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