Transformation of bloodshed: Several delegates seriously injured


UTM primary elections were cancelled in Rumphi Central Constituency on Thursday following violence that occurred at the venue.

A group of people who are believed to have come from Ng’onga area in the same district attacked the delegates and severely injured the chairman of the polls.

UTM Vice Regional Governor Afiki Mbewe who was the party’s observer at the venue confirmed of the development saying the mob attacked them as they were about to commence the pri  maries, injuring Arnold Gondwe who was chairing the polls.

“The person who was chairing the polls has been severely injured and he was taken to the hospital in Rumphi District where we are told he has been referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital,” explained Mbewe.

He added that the attackers who disrupted the primaries are not UTM supporters.

“All we know is that these people just ganged up and started the violence,” said Mbewe.

Commenting on the development, University of Livingstonia based political analyst George Phiri has called this a sign of failed democracy in Malawi.

“This clearly indicates that we have a long way to go in teaching people about democracy, where each and every person or party has the freedom to compete at any position of choice in his party without being violated in any way of the other.

“This is not the era for political violence, Malawi is a country that follows democracy, and elections is a competition and not a game of violence to win a position. It is so unfortunate that this is happening,” explained Phiri.

Meanwhile, UTM National Executive Committee (NEC) is yet to announce the way forward in constituencies where primaries polls have faced some abnormalities.


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