Chakwera hits back at Chilima


Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera has attacked Vice President Saulos Chilima for ridiculing his (Chakwera’s) lack of retirement benefits.

In a statement yesterday, Chakwera said Chilima has stopped pretending to be a servant leader and described him as a leader who wants to secure personal benefits from taxes even though he is not working in the interest of Malawians.

During a UTM rally in Lilongwe on Monday, Chilima advised Chakwera to stop attacking him saying opposition political parties are not a threat to his political career.

“The position of Leader of Opposition has no retirement package. The one currently holding this position must mind his own business. He must immediately stop insulting us,” Chilima said.

In his statement, Chakwera said he is not worried about the lack of retirement package as he is serving Malawians who also do not have such benefits.

“I want to build a new Malawi in which the millions of you who have no retirement packages are not seen as fools.

“In which those of you who send your children to government schools are not denied the opportunities only available to the few who send their wards to private schools,” he said.

Chakwera added that he is a humble Man of God who has never needed or clung to a government office to sustain himself.

He encouraged Malawians to vote for him in this year’s elections because he is not seeking office for personal benefits or gain.

“Fellow Malawians, you will be amazed at how you and I will – together – transform that office to serve rather than ridicule those ‘not holding pensionable positions.

“We will finally have a servant leader whose focus is for you, your parents and children to start prospering together and retire with a package of your own,” he said.



  1. Njoka singabeleke buluzi ,komaso msapato ikatha imodzi timataya zonse .chakwela wa kukamuzu palace woye

  2. Dzikung’unthanani nokhanokha otsutsa, as DPP continues to gain more and more ground

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