DPP Blue Youth Wing bails out elderly woman


Patriotism, integrity and hard work have motivated the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Blue Youth Songwe Wing to construct a K2.6 million two bedroom house for a 68 year old woman in Karonga.

The woman Rosemary Ngomba lives in Mwandenga village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Mwakaboko in Karonga district.

It was a dream come true when the house was being handed over on Saturday by the determined youths who defied all odds and put their resources together and build the house for Ngomba who for the past six years has been sleeping in a tent like shelter pitched on a bare ground.

Speaking at a handover ceremony, Ngomba could not hide his happiness throughout the interview by thanking the youths who have bailed her out of the miserable condition in which she was.

“I am grateful to what these generous youths have done to me. I used to sleep in a tent with my three grandchildren, life was hard indeed. But now I can afford a smile after this beautiful house,” Ngomba said.

On his part, DPP’s Blue Youth Wing Northern chapter chairperson Burnet Meke said the youth in the country have an obligation to make sure that every citizen has basic needs that includes food and shelter.

He further said that they embarked on the project after noticing that the old woman was sleeping in a tattered tent that was also poorly pitched and leaked heavily when it’s raining.

“We are inspired by our leader Arthur Mutharika to reach out to both the needy and underprivileged and we will continue with this spirit so that the gap between the rich and the poor is narrowed,” Meke said.

“Let other youths emulate this gesture and avoid causing havoc during political events but instead be productive like us in the DPP.”

About K2.6 million realised through contributions was used for the project