JB: Vote for issue-based leaders

Former President Dr Joyce Banda says people in Dedza need to jack up and concentrate on leaders who have issue based manifestos.

Dr Banda who is also leader of the opposition Peoples Party  made the remarks on Friday during a rally held at Bembeke demonstration school in Dedza district.

Banda urged people gathered at the rally to give her chance come 2019 saying she is the only leader who can transform people’s lives hence she’s aware of what communities are sailing through in the country.

“It is so disheartening to see people of Dedza being ranked low in developmental activities. I am urging you my fellow Malawians to vote wisely next year.

“People of Dedza must wake up this time, voting for one party should be history, concentrate on leaders who can transform your lives for better,” she said.

The former Malawi leader said during her two year tenure her PP administration made sure chiefs were taken care of.

On this note, she assured the gathering that the PP will continue from where her government stopped in elevating local leaders.

“Let me remind you my fellow Malawians, during the PP era, we elevated a good number of chiefs including here in Dedza. We will continue with that next year,” she added.

Banda also assured farmers that their concerns about low prices in the local markets will be tackled and she will also make sure that the price of fertiliser should be affordable.

In his remarks, Chief Kanyenda of Dedza hailed the PP leader for not being impartial in her role of elevating local leaders of the country.

Kanyenda then asked Dr Banda to fulfil what she has promised if given a chance in next year’s polls.