Chilima pleads with family to disown him

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima has asked senior members of his father side to deny him after serious revelations that he was born Arafat Hamdan.
The revelations have triggered international and national-wide interest as the perception that “Soulos Chilima is not what we think he is” grows. South African media recently described Chilima as a “Charlatan” (meaning a fake, impostor, pretender, masquerader, hoaxer, cheater) after he grossly failed to state his political agenda in a BBC Hardtalk interview.
Saulos Chilima

Chilima begs

Chilima is now seen in the public eye as a dishonest person who never told Malawians about his true identity. Worse, several records also show that Chilima cheated on his age to impress Malawians that he is a young person.

The “Chilima” name  was adopted after his step father late Henderson Chilima married his mother in the 70s and the young boy embraced catholicism upon being baptized at Catholic Institute Church in Blantyre.
Henderson Chilima was a devouted Catholic and was quick to get rid of the Arabic name “Arafat Hamdan”. Chilima’s name “Arafat” has been  associated with terrorism after Yasser Arafat in the Middle East conflict.
The revelations have raised a fascinating religious undercurrents in the country. By renouncing his Islamic faith and name, Moslems are feeling rejected by Chilima. At the same time, his jealously guarded secret of Islamic background
is making Catholics feel cheated. Ironically, Chilima was encouraged, endorsed and funded by some Catholic Bishops.
Fearing his own ghost from the cupboard, Chilima has approached his father family to deny him. But the public court has already made its verdict in the  social media that now calls him SKC ARAFAT HAMDAN.
Legally, the Vice President was supposed to follow the procedure of making a declaration before a public notary. In the absence of such a public notary, Malawi’s Vice President is Arafat Hamdan, a matter that has serious legal consequences.
Malawi Electoral Commission may not accept Chilima’s presidential candidacy while Malawi’s constitutional defenders may want Chilima’s very vice presidency rescinded and reversed.
Controversy of the identity fraud worsens with fears that an entire Vice President committed an act of purgery that he lied that he was born in 1973 when he was running for a public office in 2013.
The growing public image of “a fradulent crook” has now vindicated Malawi’s State President Peter Mutharika who politically divorced the Vice President.
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  1. is it an offence to adopt your step fathers name? or is it something which one has to share to the nation?whoever started that did he say what his intention was by trying to argue against someones change off name to his step fathers name? i have seen a lot of people changing names and why is it becoming a problem with him now is it not acceptable here in malawi?

  2. I am not a fan of Chilima nor DPP but it is not your business if he changed a name to whatever,you are the kind of people that are always ready to destroy someone’s reputation to your best interest not the nation.We must learn to speak good of others in all regardless of their faults,but it has come to my attention that most of political articles in this forum attacks UPM a lot and am wondering if this is not in the best interest of some political parties besides UPM.We are tired of this old political games,mukutisaukitsa and kutinyozetsa as a nation,we have gone through hell for a long time and you must change on how you stage your articles.

  3. It is in the pipeline already that MEC will reject nomination papers for your Chilima,there is a hidden case that will shock UTM followers this year.Simple but practical case that shall defeat Chilimas political interests for the next 7 years,lets wait and see

  4. This is cheap politics. stop this nonsese my dear because it wont yeild anything. Chilima is Malawian, a son of a retired policeman and paternally Chitipaian. Do your research well and consult the right sources.

  5. It’s loud and clear: our veep, SKC, is a cheater. His should be scrapped off of his VP position. We don’t want a cheating VP.

  6. Look for another excuse, this is old tricks for Malawian, we were told kamuzu was from Ghana,Bakili muluzi was from Mozambique, late Bingu wa muthalika was from Zimbabwe.
    Above all, none from them speaks true culture language like Chilima.
    Either he is Arafat we will vote for him under his Arafat name.
    Let me just remind you, before I don’t know now, we were allowed to change names when doing form two.

    Does Chilima look 70 years old to you? If he is 70 or80s surely we need him to teach Malawian behind the secret to live younger.
    Let’s give him support and definitely he is our new leader.
    Ofcourse our current President he is a good man and I like his work and for keeping Malawian together, we will honour him for that.

  7. I think there is nosense in your useless article dont waste our time reading this, will you do something better please because we already know that chilima is the next president of malawi its just that may is far from our imagination for chilima to start his work,if there was possibility to just choose who to rule malawi we would say chilima😀😀😀 so stop your complain just keep on campaigning for him….

  8. This is 2018 and not 1718. Even Dr Banda was not born who we know him to be .He had another name,but there was never such stupid publication by the then editors. Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela,Mahatma Gandhi just to mention a few had their other birth names . But why not look for reasons that make sense,than this. Mind you an editor is held with high regard as an informed person. But this does portray a very negative picture. Stop shaming the profession my brother.

  9. So the MEC or whoever z coming up with this foolish info never knew b4 2014 elections? Please help us prove the real Nankhumwa than this. Go to Mtendere Sec. Sch & check his info if you doubt..

  10. That is politics, all old Malawian have changed one name to another but have still existed ãnd lived by the new name. Just find another story. Chilima failing to talk does not paint him lier but an honest person who talks less. If people want you talk will you talk without thinking?? He is better than these animals ruling now where they borrow money from gvt banks to buy government properties and if they fail to pay, they sale the bank’s. Thieves with no respect including the president himself

  11. Cheap propaganda. This is a common practice in Malawi. I have a sister who was raised by my aunt from childhood and she took after my uncle’s name. If you do your research you will find that many of us are like that in Malawi. Stupid article. Look for another substantial issue to tarnish Chilima.

  12. The editor is just trying to play some cheap propaganda, the points are just baseless and has no weight… Kaya he’s old, kaya he was muslim originally, kaya dzina lake ndi Alufeyo Kachitsa, that doesn’t matter… What we are interested in is the person not the things u have pointed.