Couple sells son to Mozambican family


A married couple has been arrested in Dedza for selling their 12-year-old son to a family in Mozambique.

The two sold the Standard Four learner for K1.5 million.

Dedza Police Spokesperson Edward Kabango identified the couple as Jemitala Alfred and his wife Mary Bernard who is a traditional doctor.

According to Kabango, the Mozambican family lost their son and approached Bernard the wife to know the cause of the child’s death.

Bernard lied to them that the child would resurrect and that they should come back to take him. She charged the Mozambicans K1.5 million.

After the family left, the Malawian couple convinced their son to tell the Mozambican family that he was their child who had died.

“The traditional doctor advised the Mozambicans that they shouldn’t be surprised with some minor differences with the boy since he was not fully transformed. The boy did as directed by his father and was taken to Mozambique as a resurrected son,” said Kabango.

The matter was revealed when uncle to the victim noticed the absence of the child and questioned the mother.

To avoid further questions, Jemitala and his wife went to Mozambique to get back the son. They told the Mozambican family that the boy was not fully transformed.

However, when he got back home the boy explained to his uncle what happened and the parents were arrested.



  1. What does this do for the belief in the practises of some traditional doctors?

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