Nsanje Lalanje aspirant aspirant calls for unity in DPP


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspirant for Nsanje Lalanje constituency Gladys Ganda has called upon all aspirants  who lost in primary elections to support those who won in order to bring sanity in the party.

Ganda said this on Saturday at Sojeni in Nsanje where she organised a football bonanza in order to use it for driving home her campaign messages.

She said if all interested parties joined hands, they would create a force that would scare contestants from other camps (parties).

“I should thank those people that contested against me during primaries because they had the guts to do so but unfortunately they did not make it. So, I invite them that we work as a team because there is always one winner at a time and united we stand and divided we fall,” said Ganda.

She observed that lack of a spirit to accept things the way they are derives from jealous minds, which she said is not good for development of the country.

“If they keep on disputing that one candidate carried the day, it therefore shows that they will not join hands when it comes to prioritise developmental issues, which is counterproductive,” Ganda said.

She then promised the people of Nsanje Lalanje that she would bring piped water in the area as it is in the strategic plan of the district as well as in the DPP manifesto.

Ganda said as a woman she has the ability to detect the sufferings of people since women get first-hand information from fellow women who meet challenges as they do domestic chores.

She urged the people of Lalanje to vote for her and the DPP leadership for continued development in the area.

In an interview, Jeffrey Msonkho, a farmer from Sojeni commended Ganda for spearedheading smart politics of no castigations and concentrating on peace messages.

“Since she started conducting her meetings she has made sure not to call names or use a derogatory language which is different from other politicians who indulge in name calling and mudslinging,” said Msonkho.

Msonkho said as a farmer, he will be happy if the promise to bring about irrigation farming would be a priority since the area does not benefit much from rain-fed agriculture.

He also asked the aspirant to revamp irrigation schemes that have been initiated by non-governmental organisations but are not working saying such initiatives die because people are not driven to own such projects by leaders such as Members of Parliament.

Gladys Ganda is a widow to the late politician Sam Ganda who won on DPP ticket in 2009 and as independent in 2014 before his death that created a vacancy for Member of Parliament.

In the DPP primary elections in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency, Ganda won against Jim Choka and Mark Tembo.

Currently, Lawrence Sitolo of Malawi Congress Party, (MCP) is Member of Parliament for the constituency.