MUST students expelled for cheating


Several students at the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) have been expelled from the institution for cheating during exams.

According to a memo seen by this publication dated December 21, 2018 signed by the university registrar Martha Sambani, four students were caught cheating during exams and they have been expelled.

They are Gerald Chimbalame, Wisdom Nyirongo, Chris Tembo and Duncan Kamanula.

The memo addressed to all the students at the facility also indicates that 16 other students have received disciplinary action for misconduct.

It has been indicated that amongst these undisciplined students, some were caught vomiting abusive language to the university’s staff members and pedestrians who were using roads passing through the institution. Such students and others caught harassing female students at the university have been suspended for one academic year.

Moreover, some students have received serious warning for selling merchandize in the halls of residence and being found amongst a group of students who were misbehaving.

Meanwhile, students at the facility have been advised to recuse themselves from all misbehaviour to avoid facing similar fates.